Just a heads up, we are a little delayed, you will receive your Bonus Miles for using 3, 5, or 7 offers by early February. Thanks for your patience!


Q: So, how does this all work?

A: In a nutshell, here’s how AIR MILES® Shop the Block™ works:

  1. Use offers at participating Partners from November 14 to December 14, 2017.
  2. We’ll add up the number of offers you used and award your Bonus Miles in February 2018.
  1. Enjoy using your Miles towards a variety of Dream or Cash Rewards!

Q: How do I participate in Shop the Block?

A: Simply use the Shop the Block-specific offers found in booklets in stores or at airmiles.ca/ShopTheBlock and shop at the participating Partners to get Bonus Miles on your purchases. To get the promotional Bonus Miles, you must use at least 3 different offers to reach the first bonus tier of 300 Miles. You get these Bonus Miles in addition to the Bonus Miles you get on each Partner offer used.

Q: How long does the promotion last?

A: The promotion begins November 14, 2017 and ends December 14, 2017.

Q: When will the Miles be added to my Collector Account?

A: Both the Bonus Miles you get for just shopping at each Partner and the Bonus Miles you get for using 3, 5 or 7 different offers will be deposited into your Collector Account, based on your current balance preference, within 120 days after the promotion ends. 

Q: Will the Miles be deposited in my Dream Account or Cash Account?

A: Miles will be deposited into your Collector Account based on your current balance preference. You can change your preference at any time. Set your preference now.

Q: Do I have to use offers from different Partners?

A: No, for this promo, you may use multiple offers from the same Partner. They simply need to be different offers. For example, if The Children’s Place has 3 different offers during the promotion period, these would each count as an offer.

Q: Can I use an offer more than once?

A: It depends. Check the specific Terms and Conditions for each offer. However, please note that each Shop the Block offer will only count once towards the Bonus Miles you get from using 3, 5 or 7 different offers.

Q: How do I use the different offers?

A: There are a few ways to use the offers, depending on the Partner. Some need to be printed and presented in-store, some can be shown using your mobile device, and some can be used online. For more information on how to use the individual offers, visit airmiles.ca/ShopTheBlock and click the “How to use” button on the respective offer.

Q: Where can I get the offer coupons?

A: You can either print the coupons from this website or use offers from the Shop the Block offer booklet. Remember to bring them along when you shop at Partners near you!

Q: How do I print my coupons?


  1. On the offers page of the AIR MILES Shop the Block site, make sure that all the offers you want to use are “saved.”
  2. Go to the “Saved offers” tab and check how to use your chosen offers.
  3. If your offers are printable, you can print them right away using the “Print all offers” button or email them to yourself and print them later using the “Email all offers” button.

Q: What is the difference between AIR MILES Cash Miles and AIR MILES Dream Miles?

A: The AIR MILES Reward Program allows you choose the option that best suits how you want to be rewarded. Cash Miles can be used instantly towards your everyday purchases, like groceries and gas, at select Partners. Dream Miles can be used towards vacations, events, merchandise or a chance to win exciting prizes.

Choose the one that suits you best or go for a mix of the two. You can change your preference at any time. Set your preference now.

Q: I’ve almost qualified for Gold/Onyx™ status. Will the Miles I get from Shop the Block count towards my qualification for Gold/Onyx™ status even if the Miles are posted next year?